Our Purpose

Reimagine the animal health

Challenge the conventional thinking to lead the evolution and sustainable growth of the animal health ecosystem.

Our Cultural Alphabet

We want our Ourofino Culture to be something plural, diversified, fluid, transformative, evolutionary. Therefore, our Cultural Alphabet was designed to be in constant movement in our daily lives, representing through symbols, all our way of doing things around here.

  • Manifest

We are that restless simplicity, people like us, you know? We plan every detail and think at the whole, however, uncomplicated. We achieve bold goals, respecting differences and the environment. We are partnership and trust, just like that, all together and in tune.

We are not just entrepreneurs, we are entrepreneurs passionate about what we do. We give our best to the company and play to win.

We are agile and the ball does not fall at any time. Do you know why? We wake up before the rooster, to go there and win! We are focused, engaged, accredited. We challenge the now and reimagine the later.

We are many, but we are unique. Each with their own life story to tell. We value every step, every achievement, every smile. Yes, we are like that, we take care of people. We dream and catch our dreams, but we also fulfill the dreams of others.

We are connected with the world, our DNA is to be a partner. We seek innovation and we are digital, without leaving human warmth. Because we are, all of us together, a team.

We are
it´s each one
of us.

Download Materials

Ourofino’s Culture and Values eBook

With this material you will be able to understand our values, our culture and learn more about our history.

Self Development Guide eBook

This material is a self-development journey based on our key values.

Leader's Handbook eBook

This material contains fundamental information for your Journey.

How do we do things around here?

We play to win

We take care of people

We are connected with the world